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At Elintic, we are passionate about revolutionizing the manufacturing industry through innovative IoT solutions. As a startup dedicated to solving critical productivity and quality processes, we offer unique and cost-effective solutions that drive operational excellence and transform businesses. .

Elintic is an innovative IoT solutions provider and consulting company. With our deep industry expertise and technical know-how, we empower manufacturers to harness the power of IoT technology to optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and achieve higher levels of productivity. Our team of experts is committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet your specific business needs and propel your success.


Elintic is a consulting and technology firm that specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) Hardware and software platform, Process Automation, System Integrations, with ready to deploy Productivity solutions for Manufacturing Organisations


Do you know 60-70% of the DigitalX projects fail or do not provide desired outcome because of lack capabilities of business IT or Functional aspects of implementation.

>> The bridge between Management and Team
>> Cross-Functional Communication
>> Application Design Validation
>> Business IT Alignment
>> Architecture and Integrations
>> Project Management
>> Coordination of Training
>> Maintenance


Elint IoT platform is ready to deploy, digitization catalyst, & benefits through the array of features as well as consultation about IoT Hardware

We, at Elintic develop solutions to improve Productivity, Efficiency, Compliance & Transparency in various business processes with our ELINT IoT Platform. We are Passionate for technology and innovation. We have always taken pride in our excellent Products and commitment to customer satisfaction. For specific requirements, we can also develop custom solutions in weeks. An organization can democratize the system-centric application access to all its stakeholders without worrying about hefty IoT Hardware and Software costs and see immediate value.

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From Our Clients

  • Pravin
    We have been working with Elintic for Shop Floor Automation projects. I can say for sure, their approach is very methodic. Team helped is to map realistic expectations and provided us the solution as promised.
    Transmission Shaft machining Unit
  • Rahul Khadekar
    Elintic has been very professional in development of Robot Panel Temperature monitoring. They are ready to walk extra miles to cover additional requirements during project execution.
    Rahul Khadekar
    Leading Forging Company

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