Digital SOP – A Step towards digital Shopfloor

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February 12, 2021
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Digital SOP – A Step towards digital Shopfloor


What is a Standard Operating Procedure?

A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a workflow that is unique to your process and outlines the activities required to complete tasks in compliance with industry standards or even your own business standards. They are designed and introduced by a company to assist employees in performing complex routine operations. The aim of standard operating procedures is to achieve reliability, quality production, and performance consistency. They are also in position to avoid miscommunication and noncompliance with industry regulations.


  • Human errors
  • Lack of standardization of your SOP
  • Lack of control over change management
  • Errors during distribution of the revised SOP
  • No repeatability of your process
  • Lack of traceability

How Optify can Help?

  • Automate the process of SOP creation
  • Approval and change management of SOP
  • Operators to have access to required digital document- 100% Paperless
  • Complete Control over distribution of revised SOPs
  • Complete audit trail for traceability

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